• EATON / Cutler-Hammer
    Motor controls (IEC, NEMA, Definite Purpose), Circuit breakers, Sensors and Relays, Terminal blocks, Limit switches, Pushbuttons, Selector switches, Indicating lights, Power supplies, Transformers, Safety switches, Disconnects, Adjustable frequency drives, Programmable controllers, Din rail and Stacklights. Also offering vintage Westinghouse Control products and Circuit breakers.
    Magnaloy Coupling Company
    Flexible drive couplings, Rod end alignment couplers, Pump/Motor mounts, Manifolds, Pump/Engine mounts, Cover plates, Reservoirs and Reservoir accessories
    Relays, Sockets, Timers, Pushbuttons, Switches, Pilot devices, Display lights, Circuit breakers, Terminal blocks, IEC contactors, PLC's, Operator interface, Automation software, Power supplies, Sensors and Din rail
    Electrical enclosures (Metallic and Fiberglass) For all types of applications including Pushbuttons, Operating Systems, IMS, Construction and Disconnects. Ratings include *NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 4X S.S., 4X Fiberglass and 12*
    Hammond Power Solutions Inc.
    Line reactors and Transformers including Buck boost, Industrial control, Dry type, Drive isolation, Low voltage lighting, Energy efficient distribution, Autotransformers and Encapsulated for hazardous applications
    Marathon Electric
    AC and DC Electric motors, Single and Three phase including NEMA premium/ XRI, IEC Globetrotter, Blue Max and Black Max inverter duty, General purpose, Air compressor, Automotive, Brake, Cooling tower, Multi-speed, Farm-AG, HVAC, Instant reversing, Pressure washer, Pump (Fluid handling), Washdown, Woodworking, Severe and Hazardous duty. Also Spinmaster AC adjustable speed drives
    Fuses, Fuse blocks, Power distribution blocks, General purpose fuses, Medium voltage fuses, Midget and Electronic fuses, Power fuses and Special purpose fuses. Also offering Fuses and Fuseblocks with indication
    Hammond Manufacturing
    Electrical enclosures (Metallic and Non Metallic), Wireway and Wiring Trough *NEMA ratings include 1, 3R, 4, 4X, and 12*
    Motor controls (IEC, NEMA, Definite Purpose), Industrial circuit breakers, Pushbuttons, Selector switches and Indicating lights. Also offering vintage Furnas Control products and replacement parts.
    Transformers including Distribution dry type, Industrial control, Drive isolation, Low voltage lighting and Buck boost
    MPE, Inc.
    Electronic monitoring devices, Phase monitors, Voltage monitors, Time delay relays, Duplex/ Triplex/ Quad Alternators and Intrinsically safe controls
    Compact industrial power supplies, Flexible control cables (shielded and unshielded), Cable fittings and accessories (NPT, Pg, metric, plastic, metal), Cable conduit
    Cable ties and accessories, Wiring duct, Spiral wrap, Terminals and connectors, Preprinted labels, Computer printer labels and systems, Safety markers and Signs
    AC and DC Electric motors, Sub-fractional to 350 HP, Single and Three phase, General purpose, Wattsaver premium efficiency, Inverter duty, Washguard, Explosion proof, Pool and Jet pump, Fan and Blower, Compressor, Woodworking, Two-speed, Brake, Farm-AG, Metric (IEC), and Severe duty. Also AC and DC Adjustable speed drives and Gearmotors
    Lincoln Motors
    Electric motors up to 700 HP, Single and Three Phase, Medium voltage and General purpose including Inverter and Vector duty, Crusher duty, Automotive duty, Elevator duty, Farm-AG duty, Severe duty and Encapsulated "Multiguard" motors
    Anamet Electrical
    Sealtite metallic and non-metallic flexible conduit, Unjacketed conduit and Anaconda stripwound hose
    Wire connectors and accessories, Tools and totes, Datacom equipment, Test and Measurement equipment
    Building and Bare wire (THHN, THWN, MTW, AWM) with straight or spiral striping available
    Lumberg Automation
    Control cables and Cordsets for sensors and valves
    RACO Commercial fittings including Liquidtight conduit, Cord connectors and other misc. fittings
  • Eaton Cutler-Hammer

    Eaton answers the demand for reliable products and responsive support with a wide range of products and solutions to help keep power flowing to the homes and businesses you service.

    Whether the application involves residential homes, telecommunication facilities, hospitals, schools or heavy industrial plants, our Cutler-Hammer products knowledge will allow you to provide to your customers the end results they demand and expect from you.

    As power systems become more sophisticated with advances in power electronics, controls and monitoring solutions, issues related to quality and service management have become more prevalent. Eaton Corporation is an industry leader in their ability to demonstrate and test power system problems and solutions before they reach the customer. And Eaton's innovation extends beyond its products, offering complete job solutions that blend services and products.


    EATON Line Card (pdf)

    OEM Product Guide (pdf)


    Adjustable Frequency Drives

    EATON Drive Family pdf

    M-Max Drive pdf

    Definite Purpose Contactors

    DP Contactor Specs pdf

    DP Contactor Selector pdf

    Enclosed Control

    NEMA Contactors & Starters pdf

    IEC Power: Starters, Contactors, Overloads, Manual Motor Protectors

    XT IEC Specs pdf

    XT IEC Selector pdf

    Pushbuttons, Indicating Lights, Selector Switches

    EATON Pushbutton Family pdf

    M22 Intro pdf

    M22 Selector pdf


    EATON Sensor Family xlsx

    Soft Starters

    DS6 Soft Start pdf

    S811 Soft Start pdf

    Terminal Blocks

    XB Terminal Blocks pdf

    XB Terminal Specs pdf


  • Magnaloy

    Magnaloy Coupling Company manufactures the original lightweight, heavy-duty flexible drive coupling. Magnaloy has been manufacturing their precision machined, magnesium alloy cast couplings for over 40 years. Today, Magnaloy offers many products in addition to flexible drive couplings including, pump/motor mounts, cylinder rod end alignment couplers, a complete line of fluid power accessories, hydraulic manifolds and manifolding accessories and hydraulic reservoirs. All Magnaloy's products offer superior quality in material and workmanship.

    We offer Magnaloy specialty products including:


    • Flexible Drive Couplings – Nine models of magnesium drive couplings and one powdered metal model available in a range of sizes. Standard, metric and spline bores are also available. (pdf)
      • Flex Bore Key pdf
      • Flex Coupling Selection pdf
      • Flex Design Features pdf
      • Flex Dimensions pdf
      • Flex Insert Selection pdf
      • Flex Performance pdf
      • Flex Spline pdf
      • PM90 Bore Key Insert Selection pdf
      • PM90 Design Features pdf
      • PM90 Performance pdf

    • Pump/Motor Mounts – Magnaloy offers a complete line of pump and motor mounts available in aluminum casting or welded construction in horizontal and vertical design for electric motors, gas or diesel engines to hydraulic pump applications. Configurations including metric sizes are their specialty.(pdf)
      • Mount Engine pdf
      • Mount Horizontal pdf
      • Mount SAE Metric pdf
      • Mount Vertical pdf
      • Mount Welded Steel pdf
      • Mount Welded Steel Vertical pdf

    • Cylinder Rod End Alignment Couplers – The Magnaloy Rod Alignment Couple combines extended misalignment capabilities and strength to provide the most versatile alignment coupler available. Both the M-Series and the new R-Series designs are available in metric thread sizes.(pdf)

    • Fluid Power Accessories – Magnaloy’s accessory line includes many reservoir accessories for use with their reservoir products.(pdf)

    • Hydraulic Manifolds and Accessories – a complete line of these products available to add flexibility to any circuit design requirement you may encounter. (pdf)

    • Reservoirs – Full line in various volumes with a variety of options available. (pdf)


  • IDEC

    IDEC is known for their various electromechanical control products such as relays, timers, and switches. The company also manufactures automation products, such as Micro Programmable logic controllers, power supplies, and touch-screen displays.

    They are premier manufacturers of Automation and Control products specializing in the manufacturing Control Devices and Systems, Factory Automation System Components and Equipment, Peripheral Control Components Explosion-Protected Products, and Other Electrical Devices.

    IDEC creates intelligent networking components in an ever-evolving global market where dynamic technological environment, automation and electronic products must change rapidly and provide versatility while supporting increasingly intelligent and networked systems.


    • Program Logic Controllers pdf
    • Operator Interfaces pdf
    • Automation Software pdf
    • Power Supplies pdf
    • Sensors pdf
    • Communications & Networking pdf
    • X-Series E-Stops pdf
    • Door Interlock Switches pdf
    • Enabling Switches pdf
    • Intrinsically Safe Barriers pdf
    • AS-Interface Safety at Work pdf
    • Switches & Pilot Devices Section pdf
    • Display Lights pdf
    • Relays & Sockets pdf
    • Timers pdf
    • Terminal Blocks pdf
    • Circuit Breakers pdf
    • IEC Contactors
    • LED Machine Lighting pdf


  • Marathon Electric

    Marathon Electric Motors has been recognized as a leader in the electric controls sector since 1913 for their excellence in custom-designed products. Their products provide mechanical power solutions using AC electric motors up to 1250 HP with a focus on energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. With an extensive product line of industrial quality motors, Marathon Electric delivers a variety of mounting configurations that offer more ways in which to add accessories such as blowers, brakes, and encoders.

    Marathon Electric is a part of the Regal Beloit companies, a leader in electrical and mechanical motion control and power generation products. The company has manufacturing, sales, and service facilities throughout the U.S. and in Mexico, Europe and Asia.


    • Marathon Complete Catalog
      • Complete Marathon pdf
    • Motor Types
      • Definite Purpose Motors(Air Comp, Automotive, Cooling Tower)
        • Definite Purpose Motors pdf
      • General & Special Purpose Single Phase
        • Gen&Spec Purpose Single Phase pdf
      • General Purpose Three Phase
        • General Purpose Three Phase pdf
      • Hazardous Duty Division 1-Explosion Proof
        • Haz Duty Div1 Explosion Proof pdf
      • Inverter Duty/Black Max Motors
        • Inverter Duty Black Max Motors pdf
      • NEMA Premium Efficiency
        • NEMA Premium XRI Efficiency pdf


  • Saginaw Enclosures


    • NEMA 1 Enclosures   

      • Sag NEMA 1 Enclosure pdf
    • NEMA 3R Enclosures
      • Sag NEMA 3R Enclosure pdf
    • NEMA 4 Enclosures
      • Sag NEMA 4 Enclosure pdf
    • NEMA 4 Disconnect Enclosures
      • Sag NEMA 4 Disconnect pdf
    • NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Enclosures
      • Sag NEMA 4X Stainless Steel pdf
    • NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Disconnect Enclosures       
      • Sag NEMA 4X S.S. Disconnect pdf
    • NEMA 4X Fiberglass Enclosures
      • Sag NEMA 4X Fiberglass pdf
    • NEMA 12 Steel & Stainless Steel Enclosures
      • Sag NEMA 12 Steel & S.S. pdf
    • NEMA 12 Disconnect Enclosures
      • Sag NEMA 12 Disconnect pdf
    • NEMA 12 Industrial Modular System Enclosures
      • Sag NEMA 12 IMS pdf
    • Operator System Enclosures
      • Sag Operator System pdf
    • Pushbutton Enclosures
      • Sag Push Button pdf
    • Accessories
      • Sag Accessories pdf